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The Nit Cracker

Professional, Effective & Chemical Free Lice Treatment

Welcome to The Nit Cracker

Offering highly effective, chemical-free head lice removal treatments from our Dublin Clinic & Home Call-Out services.

The Nit Cracker

Clinical Head Lice Removal Treatments

Our state of the art Dublin head lice clinic is based in Tallaght and offers a range of professional, high-quality, non-chemical head lice treatments for children and adults alike. Our clinic is 100% child friendly, with play areas, video games, and inviting décor to make your family feel welcome and comfortable.

The Nit Cracker

Call-Out Head Lice Removal Treatments

We operate a 24/7 call-out head lice treatment service for clients across all of Ireland, arriving to your home discreetly and offering top-quality head lice and nit removal services. All of our staff are fully-trained and experienced for a professional and reliable service guaranteed.

The Nit Cracker

Home De-Lousing

If you home has experienced a head lice infestation, it can be important to de-louse all soft furnishings including rugs, bedding, and carpets to stop a re-infestation. The Nit Cracker offers full de-lousing packages for your home to give you peace of mind that your home is in the clear.

The Nit Cracker is a head lice removal clinic that provides once off, chemical free treatments that kills and removes all head lice and eggs from your child's hair.

Free from all pesticides and chemicals, our mild, but highly effective treatments removal all head lice in under 2 hours. We use Fairy Tales Head Lice Treatments and are the very first clinic of our kind in Ireland, and even in Europe. These products remove all traces of head lice and their eggs in a single treatment, without using any harmful chemicals on your child's sensitive scalp. Your child will be completely lice free when they leave our clinic.


Located in the Old Bawn Shopping Centre in Tallaght The Nit Cracker offers a quick, efficient and hassle-free service to all parents and guardians.


We offer private house call outs.

About Us

As a parent with chronic asthma, I always struggled when it came to head lice treatments. The chemical based products caused severe breathing problems for me and they required multiple applications.


I decided to do some research and found that head lice had become immune to most over the counter treatments and that's why so many chemicals were used in these products. I found Fairy Tale head lice treatments and came up with a solution that could save all parents the hassle of at home head lice removal. Fairy Tale's oil based products are 100% chemical and pesticide free, killing and removing all head lice and eggs without the awful smell. I underwent extensive training in California to properly and effectively provide this treatment. This training is not available anywhere else in the world.

At The Nit Cracker we provide a once of treatment. By the time your child leaves our clinic, they will be completely head lice free, and able to return to school and activities as normal.

In addition to our head lice treatment clinic provides school check-ups. I will visit your school, thoroughly check each child for head lice and advise on my findings. Should any child require treatment, I can schedule an appointment with their parents. We also offer home de-lice packages and free FaceTime calls to advise and hep parents with the removal.


Contact The Nit Cracker for more Information or to Book your Appointment

The Clinic

We know that most children dread the head lice treatment process. That is why we have made our clinic a fun and inviting place to be. We have a playroom filled with toys and video games where your child can play or watch a movie while the treatment takes effect. Depending on the length of their hair, the treatment should take no more than two hours. Siblings are also welcome to our playroom while their brother or sister gets treated.


 Every child who undergoes a treatment at The Nit Cracker will leave with a special gift like a toy or a hairband. We don't want to punish children for having hair lice. It is inevitable that children will get hair lice at some stage during their school days, and we believe that children should feel that this is a normal event.

Once the treatment is complete your child is free to return to school. All head lice are completely removed in one application of the products. Children will return for a follow-up check 7-9 days later just to double check that the treatment was a success.

Special Offer : 100 for one full treatment and a check-up

If it’s a bad infestation and requires more than one treatment it’s 60 for further treatment but would only usually be required if the infestation was very severe

If you think your child may have contracted head lice but are unsure, then The Nit Cracker offers walk-in

Head lice checks for only €5.00.

Home De-Lousing Package

The Nit Cracker will visit your home and provide a deep cleaning and de-lousing service to ensure home is completely free from all head lice. Each lice cleaning package includes:

Stripping of all bedding

Bagging of all bedding

Cleaning and spraying of bed pillows

Cleaning and spraying of mattresses

Cleaning of living room throw pillows

Bagging of living room blankets

Bagging of infested jackets and sweatshirts

Cleaning of hats and helmets

Bagging of stuffed animals

Infested combs/brushes/etc. frozen in ziplocks

De-lousing and spraying of infested furniture

De-lousing and spraying of infested vehicles

First load of laundry started

Detailed DIY laundry follow up instructions

All infested materials bagged an labelled by room

Home De-Lousing Prices

2 Bed Home - €200

3 Bed Home - €250

4 Bed Home - €300


Contact The Nit Cracker Today to Book your Appointment or for more Information on our Head Lice Removal Treatments


Contact The Nit Cracker

16 Old Bawn Shopping Centre

Tallaght, Dublin 24

Phone:  089 469 4091


Opening hours

7 days a week

We offer "Private house call outs"

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